StockTransfer payment

Stock transfer payment:

Name Type Mandatory Description
<Record Type =”15“> Long Y Type of object to import. 15 is for stock transfer payment
<DBId></DBId> Long Y Database Id in DeMaSy. It is displayed in Utilities
<Ref></Ref> Char 255 N Internal reference
<Desc></Desc> Char 255 N Internal description
<Type></Type> Integer Y Types:
0 = Normal invoice payment
4 = Fees without VAT / 5 = Fees with VAT
<DeliveryNote></DeliveryNote> Char 50 Y Delivery note
<InvoiceDate></InvoiceDate> Date/Time Y Invoice date
<PCurrency></PCurrency> Char 10 Y Payment currency ISO code
<PCyAmount></PCyAmount> Double Y Payment Amount in transaction currency
<InvoicePaymentCurrency></InvoicePaymentCurrency> Char 10 Y InvoicePayment currency ISO code
<CurrencyRate></CurrencyRate> Double N Currency rate
<CyAmount></CyAmount> Double Y Amount in transaction currency
<Amount></Amount> Double N Amount in capital currency
<Description></Description> Char 255 N Description
<BankStatmentNumber></BankStatmentNumber> Integer Y Bank Statment number
<BankAccountNumber></BankAccountNumber> Integer Y Bank Account number
</Record> Y End of block

This table contains all information related to payments of security purchases/sales.
(1) Different from PCurrency if payment is done in a currency different from the bank currency.

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