Stock transfer payment

Stock transfer payment:

Nr Name Type Description
1 RecordType Long Type of object to import. 15 is for stock transfer payment
2 DBId Long Database Id in DeMaSy. It is displayed in Utilities
3 Ref Char(255) Internal reference
4 Desc Char(255) Internal description
5 Type Integer Types:
0: Normal invoice payment
4: Fees without VAT
5: Fees with VAT
6 DeliveryNote Long Name of the stock
7 InvoiceDate Date/Time Invoice date
8 PCurrency Char(10) Payment currency ISO code
9 PCyAmount Double Payment amount in transaction currency
10 TransDate Date/Time Transaction date
11 InvoicePaymentCurrency Char(10) Invoice payment currency ISO code
12 CurrencyRate Double Currency rate
13 CyAmount Double Amount in transaction currency
14 Amount Double Amount in capital currency
15 Description Char(255) Description
16 BankStatmentNumber Integer Bank Statment number
17 BankAccountNumber Integer Bank Account number

This table contains all information related to payments of security purchases/sales.
(1) Different from PCurrency if payment is done in a currency different from the bank currency.