Bank Account Signature:

Name Type Mandatory Description
<Record Type =”??“> Long Y Type of object to import. ?? is for BankAccount Signature
<DBId></DBId> Long Y Database Id in DeMaSy. It is displayed in Utilities
<CompanyName></CompanyName> Char(75) Y Name of the company
<PersonName></PersonName> Char(75) Y Name of the person
<BankName></BankName> Char(75) Y Name of the bank
<BankAccountNumber></BankAccountNumber> Char(50) Y Bank Account Number
<SignatureType></SignatureType> Char(50) Y
<SignInvoice></SignInvoice> Short N 0 = No ; 1 = Yes
<StartDate></StartDate> Date/Time N Start date
<EndDate></EndDate> Date/Time N End date
<Comment></Comment> Char(255) N Comment
<Amount></Amount> Double N Amount
</Record> Y End of block

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