General and financial accounting


  • General accounting (client/supplier/financial/miscellaneous operation)
  • Real time reporting
  • Automatic revaluations
  • Multi-company
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-periods
  • eVAT returns

Fixed assets

  • Fixed assets management
  • Automatic amortization accounting entries

Securities portfolio

  • Securities portfolio (Shares, bonds, …)
  • Automatic computation and postings of accrued interests
  • Automatic revaluations accounting entries
  • User defined accounting keys

Deposit – loans – borrowings

  • Deposits, loans and borrowings (banking or intercompany)
  • Automatic computation and postings of accrued interests
  • Automatic roll-over
  • User defined accounting keys


  • Forex (purchase/sale of currencies)
  • User defined accounting keys

Outrights and swaps

  • Outright and swaps
  • Automatic revaluation accounting entries

Off balance sheet items

  • Off balance sheet rights and obligations

Cost accounting

  • Multi-axis Cost/Profit centres
  • Budgets

Automatic accounting entries

  • User defined automatic recurrent accounting entries


  • Multi-currency consolidation (by difference and with full audit trail)

Net Assets Values (NAV) – U.C.I.T.S.

  • Computation of Net Asset Values
  • Fees accruals in percentage of NAV
  • Shareholders’ register
  • Reporting through customizable footnotes.